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Federal Tax Network

What is Tax Relief?


Falling behind on taxes to Federal or State tax agencies is something that millions of Americans have dealt with year after year. Tax issues can create a great deal of stress and anxiety; using proven strategies, our team of experts can help reduce your tax debt, protect you from collection activity, assist you through tax audits, and stop wage garnishments and bank levies from happening. In some cases, you may be able to settle tax debts for much less than was originally owed.

Federal Tax Network

Does Tax Relief Really Work?


Yes. When a taxpayer falls behind, it is very likely that they will continue to fall behind and end up in a situation where they are just not paying taxes anymore.  Therefore, it is in the best interest of the taxing agency to provide a solution that will help you get back on track.  That’s where we come in, our experience and knowledge is an invaluable tool in negotiating and achieving the best possible result for your case.



  • Protect client from collection activity
  • Establish communication with IRS or State
  • Review investigation results and resolution options
  • (3-4 weeks)


  • Establish IRS/State compliance
  • Achieve best resolution
  • (3-9 months)


  • Case Resolved
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Federal Tax Network is a group of Tax Professionals with over 30 years of experience in negotiating with the IRS and State tax agencies in order to achieve results for taxpayers that will allow them to get back on track in paying their taxes. We take on the task of protecting our clients from the aggressive collection policies of the IRS and State agencies while pursuing a resolution to the tax issue at hand.


We aim to make sure that our clients are well informed, are updated on a regular basis and are able to promptly reach someone to answer their questions.


Transparency, Compliance and Accountability are part of our core values. We understand how important resolving your tax issue is and therefore we treat each case as the most important case.


Resolving your tax case is the most important result for you and the most important result for us. Our clients make us who we are and as such, we will always push to achieve the best result possible for your case. The EASY solution is not always the best solution.